The word “among” toward the end of Philippians 2:15 is easy to skip over. Words like “light” and “world” are more attractive exegetical morsels. However, doing so leaves you perilously close to missing the whole point of the verse. We can’t expect God to reward us for living in an antechamber of the world. I use the word antechamber on purpose. It referred to the small private room adjacent to the large room where everyone gathers. We’re tempted to remain in the small private rooms of our easy Christian lives, with our simple Christian pleasures, and our tidy Christian friends. The problem is, if you’re in the market for “well done, good and faithful servant” you won’t find it living there. You can’t be a light that shines in the world for Christ unless you’re among those for whom the light is a benefit. Other Christians don’t need your light. On the contrary, the darker the room, the darker the situation, and the more valuable the man or woman with the light becomes.