The English tradition of saying “what cheer!” when you met someone (presumably someone you like) is still with us. The Puritans brought it to America, taught it to the Indians, and made it a common toast. The English spread it around by colonizing and you’ll still get a hearty “Cheers!” from Commonwealth folks around the world. Christian friends cheer one another with the good news of how they’re doing in the Lord. Paul felt that way about the churches he served. Exchange of information was a key reason for dispatching his faithful coworkers. He knew it would yield a harvest of joy for the church and the Apostle. Notice it is not one way communication. Freely sharing evidences of grace is what brings real joy and community. Paul was confident in the Lord that good news will cheer his lonely condition.¬†Christians have the capacity to bring great joy to those entrusted with their care. Likewise true servants of the Lord receive emotional stimulus from the flock. When they are doing well, he should have a sanctified pride in the power of the Word and Holy Spirit in the life of the believer. He sees them and thinks “what cheer!”