Mediocrity Bias

Ministry excellence is a relentless task. Working hard at preaching, leading, correcting, and defending can bring even strong men to the point of exhaustion. For those who want to do well though, there is no option. The alternative is to adopt a mediocrity bias. Average becomes morally superior. Unfortunately the only people that attitude attracts are like minded. It is not inspiring. It has no power to redirect someone from a quest to be remarkable for the glory of God. It’s like trying to convince a future Navy Seal with a day left of Hell Week that he’s being selfish to pursue the dream. It’s like telling that guy he has a pride problem for aiming so high. By that point nothing can break you. You’re just wearing down the clock, and you know you’re going to win. I heard one of those men say at that point in the training “Five days of pain for a lifetime of pride”. After pushing through the hard parts, excellent slaves are happy to say “A lifetime of pain for an eternity of reward”.