Growing Pains

People in growing churches often talk about growing pains. More often than not, the pain comes from an inefficient process, or an existing process that can’t handle the new demands. Most of the time pain isn’t really tied to growth at all. In fact there are usually more growing pleasures than growing pains. The increased enthusiasm, energy, giftedness, resources, and positive expectation can be exhilarating if your attitude is right. The Lord is adding to the church Christians he has been preparing elsewhere for such a time as this. Others are coming in to the kingdom of God for the first time and experiencing life as one of God’s children. The pain is really changing pains. Every addition to a church brings new life, but also changes its composition. The more ingredients you add, the more the flavor of the soup changes. The body is given new parts and has to learn how to incorporate, embrace, and then use them to further the ministry. At the end of the day change is good. It is necessary for survival and enables the body to thrive. Given the choice, we’re better off with the pains of growing than shrinking.