Saint Work

When Paul talks about Epaphroditus in Philippians 2:25, he describes him as a brother, worker, soldier, messenger, and minister. Notice what he is not called. He is not called a Deacon. He is not called an Elder. Deacons met an existing physical need. He was a man with the character and skills to take responsibility. Elders are aspiring leaders, recognized by the church as good teachers with exemplary character. The fact that Epaphroditus is not called a Deacon or Elder does not necessarily mean he wasn’t, but the odds are he was simply a saint. There was Deacon work, Elder work, and Saint work. What does that say about the work of saints? There are gifts given to every Christian and the expectation that they will use them for the glory of God. Therefore, everyone serves, everyone works, title or no title. Saints are ministers. That’s liberating if you think ministry is restrictive.