The Saints Complaints

The scene involving the widows in Acts 6 is worth remembering. It suggests that physical needs are a legitimate concern, and rapid growth creates logistical problems. Also, it’s not a sin to identify areas of neglect, and tensions increase as resources decrease. Beyond that, in the community of saints should be self-sustaining. The response is a leadership lesson. First, the Apostles stepped up to solve the problem. It wasn’t ignored or spun into a simple misunderstanding. Secondly, they told the truth. God didn’t call them to be waiters and they were not ashamed to admit it. Even if their approval rating took a hit, they were prepared to keep the main thing the main thing. They were serving a church, not a nursing home. Thirdly, they delegated both responsibility and authority. The congregation was empowered to appoint the men to the office pending the final approval. There was no micro management of the process. Finally, they continued working. There were different roles for Apostles and deacons and saints, but everyone hustles.