Impressive Job Description

Epaphroditus means “charming”. In biblical times your name reflected your character, can could be changed if you changed. This servant was a winsome, godly man. But he didn’t charm his way into idleness. Paul calls him a brother, worker, soldier, messenger, and minister. Brother means he was a Christian. The word literally means “from the same womb”. This is humble for Paul and elevating for Epaphroditus. Fellow-worker shows an equal footing too. The workload was shared among the trusted. So was the credit. He was a fellow-soldier, engaging the conflict native to Christian ministry, and didn’t charm his way out of confrontation. He likely didn’t chase it (2 Timothy 2:24), but didn’t run from it. He is also a messenger, meaning “sent one”. His important work was on behalf of the Philippian believers. He was a respected ambassador, not just a delivery boy. Finally he was a minister to Paul on behalf of others. It’s a word used to describe the work of a Levitical priest. His humble ministry was on a par with the work of an Old Testament priest as far as its impact and significance. When your ministry is described by someone, you realize it’s not you doing the work.

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  1. Jon, thanks for the challenges you shared last Sunday in the message. I just was able to listen to it and it motivates me even more to be all in for the gospel. Thank you for your ministry to CBC and your faithful proclamation of the Word

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