Easy Choices

Hard work on a problem at the beginning leads to easy decisions at the end. Paul’s letters reveal a man who didn’t let a crisis force his hand. There is no indication that he was impulsive. Sometimes you have to deliberately choose not to make a choice in order to get the best result. As one writer put it, “when conflicted between two choices, take neither”. Paul was conflicted about many things during his two year imprisonment in Rome. One was the situation with Epaphroditus. It was a tough call. Eventually he arrived at a plan based on what was best for the ministry. So he says “I thought it necessary” (Phil 2:25) to send him back. The word conveys the idea of weighing the facts and arriving at a conclusion. The word implies something absolutely necessary. Paul prayerfully worked through a difficult decision and then landed firmly with full conviction. When that is the conclusion, you have an easy choice.