Soul Vacuum

Souls are vacuums. Spirit filled worship (Phil 3:3) is the only way to evict self-justifying pride. The proud work really hard to be holy by human standards, and then self-justify their artificial fruit before God. It is pride that leads to cruelty when others don’t live up to certain expectations. It is also pride that keeps a person from asking for help when presented with his own failure. The truth is that grace leads to worship when self-loathing sinners see themselves as objects of mercy. Filling is more about replacing. The man who cannot worship is the man who doesn’t think he was saved from much. Here’s a good paragraph from Wilson, “Whenever truth is presented to us, we have to recognize the various devices we have for avoiding it. The libertine is not hard to understand. Any given truth may be overtly rejected in the flesh. But we too often forget that it may also be accepted and praised in the flesh. Thus the pharisaical mind is inoculated to truth-he has received just enough of the truth to keep him from getting a case of the real thing.” Douglas Wilson. Angels in the Architecture: A Protestant Vision for Middle Earth.