Godly Pride

The second claim Paul makes in Philippians 3:3 is that we glory in Christ Jesus. The word glory can mean sinful pride, or refer to the joy we have in Christ. In Romans 15:7 Paul says “In Christ Jesus, then, I have reason to be proud of my work for God”. The fruitful Christian life is magnificent. It is glorious beyond description even while in the flesh. Anyone who has lived consciously as an unbeliever would never go back. However, life in the flesh is a life of faith. Our strength didn’t save, and our strength doesn’t sanctify. No permission is granted for boasting in strength, riches or wisdom even though health, prosperity, and education are intrinsically linked to personal performance and responsibility. In the end, boasting is only to be in the knowledge of God. That knowledge, and all fruitfulness, can only come from him. Boasting is not the issue. We boast exceedingly in the glory of Christ and his redemption. We take pride in his magnificence. The issue is credit. Christians assume no glory for themselves, and accept no glory for evidences of grace.