Recovering from Self-Righteousness

Finding self-righteousness in someone else is like being surprised by mold. Uncovering it in myself is a diagnosis that demands immediate treatment. I’m confronted with a call to action. The potential for soul necrosis is real. Temptation exists to look at fellow recipients of grace and anticipate the next step in their sanctification. The longer this remains unchecked the more your inner person dies. You become a prudish, judgmental, and sour caricature of yourself. Long term sufferers of show characteristics of madness. Apparently servants have an innate desire to judge other servants instead of remembering they are all judged by God (Romans 14:4). We entertain the possibility that the Lord is unaware of our brother’s deficiency. We aim to recreate him or her in our image. On a personal level I admit this is a struggle. The following statement helps me fight the battle: If I have made a lifestyle choice that I think comes from the Spirit, then by all means I must, for conscience sake remain faithful to it. If I don’t see the same choice in another Christian, I can’t assume they are not spiritual. For all I know, I may be the weaker brother.