Gentile Grace

I know a guy who worked at the Pentagon. It’s a high security place. You don’t just cruise in with you camera for some sightseeing. You need credentials. The closer you get the most important stuff, the more credentials. Imagine heaven. Who has the credentials to get in there? Paul used to think he was close. In Philippians 3:5-6 he gives a list. Why? Why to a Gentile audience? He argues superior credentials were not superior. Circumcised Christians mattered to Jews, but not God. Converted Gentiles are not Jewish. They were being pressured into the procedure under the pretense it would improve standing with God. Even if they tried to earn credit with circumcision, the end result would be meaningless. Circumcision would just result in second-class convert status. The lesson to the Philippians is to remember they’re Gentiles living under grace. Roll with it. In the end Jewish tradition only makes them a trophy for Jews who still despised them. Don’t assume any external religion is the goal of the Gospel. Holiness is. It results from the sanctifying work of the Spirit that happens by grace through faith. Works prove the existence of genuine faith. Religion doesn’t place.