…this will turn out for my deliverance.

Even when Paul was in prison, he knew there was plan (Philippians 1:19). All things work together for good; even imprisonment. In fact everything in the wretched swag bag that came with imprisonment was paving the way to a blessed outcome. He declares that this will work out for his deliverance. The this equals deliverance. This = imprisonment. How can imprisonment = deliverance? We tend to think our earthly deliverance is secure, and God will work everything out for good despite the this. We see no reason for joy in the this. Paul does. Imprisonment, slander, furlough, isolation and injustice construct the vehicle that will bring him to glory. The issue is not how well he does in front of Caesar. His present situation is the bridge to bring the gospel to unreached people. Caesars household, Onesimus, and everyone reached by his messengers were the beneficiaries of Paul’s suffering. Therefore the this is really a glorious thing that will end in deliverance even if it ends in death. He can hold his head high if it means leaving it in the execution chamber, or walking out a free man.