Time Well Wasted

The Bible never says Jesus rushed. The only time the disciples had to catch up to him was on the way to the cross (Mark 10:32, Luke 19:28). No matter how popular he became among the people, we have no evidence it made him hurry. He shows no frustration except toward unbelief. There was time to stop and heal, meet with a sincere religious leader, or feed a crowd. But notice that flexibility in his schedule was not at the expense of time with the Father. If anyone could justify leniency here, or put off prayer, it would be Jesus. However the Scripture record deliberately says the opposite. The purpose of yesterday’s post was to create a foil showing one kind of wasted time. The opposing truth is that wasted time in the world’s eyes can be time well spent in the eyes of God. Step away from work to serve a person in need. Take that phone call you know will delay you a little. This can be a blessing to others and bring glory to God. It’s time well wasted. We are like Christ when we are never too busy to do the will of the Father.

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