Starting Small

On occasion Jesus was accused of being difficult to understand. This was especially the case when he taught in parables. The purpose of the stories was not to illustrate his point, but actually to hide it. In a world that demands clarity and teaching with application, this method was not appreciated. One example is the parable of the weeds. The question is how can the contaminating influence of weeds be stopped. If the kingdom, or the church, is riddled with false Christians, won’t the entire enterprise collapse? Superficial attraction to the church is everywhere. There are days when it seems the faithful are outnumbered and virtually overtaken by weeds. You may be tempted to think there is no hope. The fact is we don’t have much to offer. We are the weak. We don’t have the mighty, the rich, and the wise on our side typically. We have to acknowledge that if anything of lasting importance is going to be accomplished, we must be relying on strength greater than ours. That is exactly what Jesus is teaching in the parables of the mustard seed and the leaven. Something small can become something great when the Lord is empowering the growth.

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