Build To Suit

Christianity is not about individuals or their accomplishments in the flesh. It is instead a relationship between a slave and a master. The loss of identity and credit are a welcome part of the joy that comes from faith. Through grace a more precious identity, and heavenly rewards far in excess of anything we could imagine are ours in Christ. The church is also not about individuals. Last week I was on my way to the harbor for fish and chips with an Englishman…makes you want to hear more, right? We drove by a vacant parcel of land for sale and the sign said, “build to suit”. That’s great if your attracting a fast food restaurant, but when churches have a “build to suit” attitude, it’s proof they’ve lost sight of the glorious purpose for our assembly. User friendly churches get used. Individual Christians, and the Body of Christ collectively are to have one driving obsession. We want to gain Christ. We do follow him to get something, and we do gather together to get something, but the something we want is really someone. Anything else may leave us feeling cared about, related to, or respected, but not truly satisfied.

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