Christ over Conversion

It may seem controversial to say anything is more important than conversion. However it communicates a vitally important aspect of the Christian faith, namely the often-neglected reality of future resurrection. This is the true source of joy. All the joys we experience imperfectly now will be fully realized when we are given new bodies. The Christian life is more than just an improved life. It is certainly not our best life now. It is better, but if we died and ceased to exist, what difference would that really make? In the end, being a Christian is less about being saved from temporal bondage to sin, and far more about the eternal reality of being saved to ultimate resurrection. Consider the similarities of our post-conversion existence to that of unbelievers. We have both sinned, will both die, and both keep sinning until we die. The real difference will not be fully appreciated until the redeemed soul escapes from corrupted flesh and puts on incorruptible flesh. Therefore we exalt the promise of Christ over conversion. We cannot lose sight of the future resurrection, and how it was made possible by Christ, the author and finisher of our faith.

One thought on “Christ over Conversion

  1. It is a glorious reality that our earthly flesh will one day be conformed to His glorious body. The future resurrection is our absolute source of joy; we will finally be free to experience true fellowship with our Lord and Savior Redeemer, the Creator of all that is! What waits is beyond our limited imaginations in this existence.

    It is sad but even among some brothers and sisters in Christ there is an overemphasis on the earthly essence, but no amount of exercise or proper nutrition will keep these mortal bodies capable of sustaining life. Earthly flesh is corrupt in this cursed world of sickness, distress and death, as is the fallen nature of the natural man.

    I thank God for our new nature and for the ultimate joy of our resurrection bodies that wait.

    All the best,


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