Rear View Christianity

Paul’s “one thing” in life had two parts. The first involved forgetting. He says in Philippians 3:14 he completely forgets everything he had confidence in. He chooses not to consider all his works as a Jewish Pharisee. The illustration Paul uses is that of a race. Once you pass your competition you forget them. Let’s be clear, other Christians are not your competition. You leave behind your old self, sin, failure, and foolishness that defined you before Christ. We also don’t look back to what we used to do for Christ. We can’t live like the Devil and then point to the night at camp when we were 11 years old and walk down the aisle to throw a pinecone in the fire. If we point back to an event that has produced no fruit, we need to question what happened. Good deeds need to persist. Bad deeds need to be forgotten. All has been forgiven in Christ and to look back on the old man with feelings of guilt is to depreciate the magnificent work of God in your life. It calls into question the value and sufficiency of the sacrificial death of Christ on your behalf.

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