Attitude Adjustment

It’s all in our attitude. When Paul says, “think this way” he is really telling us to cultivate a certain mental disposition. Bad attitudes retard spiritual growth. Even during difficult times, or seasons of failure, we can still be joyful because the Holy Spirit is assisting in every painful step. Taking our eyes off ourselves is the greatest therapy. So what was Paul’s attitude? First, he considered all the works of his previous life as loss. They were revalued at zero. Secondly he received the surpassing greatness of Christ. He traded in the worthless dung of legalism, and took title to the riches of Christ free and clear. Thirdly, he humbled himself and set out to run hard in the meantime. His guaranteed windfall at the end didn’t promote lethargy or a bias toward idleness. And notice the attitude adjustment is corporate. Everyone is to be like-minded in this. In Philippians 3:15 he says, “let those of us”. Paul is their example. They run together. Christians are not competitors, but teammates. The only person we are run against is the old man or woman we used to be. So we’re a team, and cultivate an attitude of partnership.

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