Growing Up Godly

There is a clear mandate in Scripture to pursue spiritual discernment. It is the next logical step after being born again. If we remain spiritual babies then we will obviously struggle when confronted with the deeper realities of our faith (Hebrews 6:1). Paul brings up the issue to the church of Philippi as a whole. It’s a corporate issue. In Philippians 3:15 he addresses those who are mature, a position manifest by their hope in the coming resurrection. Growth in Christian doctrine is becoming increasingly unfashionable, and sizing up the profound doctrines of the faith appears tedious. Commonly people say they just want Jesus and not so much Bible. But knowing Jesus means understanding him through Scripture. We search the Word of God diligently because there is no other food for the soul that will satisfy. To love the feeling of feeling loved is to make it all about us. This is what babies do. They cry until someone makes them feel better. To love the truth, and Jesus Christ revealed, is to put your focus on him. This is step one in growing up godly.

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