Leave It To God

What is the best solution to problems in the church? Lessons can be taken from the way Paul handled the issues in Philippi. From his perspective, hundreds of miles away and unable to be of much practical help, he gratefully hands it over to the Lord. This is a best practice even when you are present and think you can offer practical help. He believes that God will work in the lives of the dissenters. This is faith in action. Paul is drawn to the fact that God began the work in each Christian, will complete it (1:6), and works in them for his purposes (2:13). Furthermore, he has all the tools to fix people. Only God can effectively discipline (Galatians 5:10), prompt them to move on (1 John 2:19), convert them if they are not saved, or persuade them by the Spirit to get on board and not be divisive. Notice what Paul does not do. He refuses to attack them or develop a legalistic structure to control them. He will not create policies to manage every situation or address every derivative opinion. He won’t even dignify the dissenters with a personal address. He leaves it to God.

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