Two Sides to Sanctification

Good works, as the Bible defines them, are activities and a pattern of obedience coming from the fountainhead of a desire to be like Christ. Most of us have witnessed the pathway to Christlikeness from both an objective and subjective angle. Objectively we know Christ through the Word. It is essential to know him as he is revealed in the Scriptures, and this answers the question: Why do I read the Bible? If the answer is simply knowledge, then it will inevitably lead to pride. If the answer is to know Christ, it will result in humility. The same activity can have two totally different outcomes. Subjectively speaking, the Holy Spirit works in us to give the will and the power to obey. The Holy Spirit is the vital controlling element in sanctification. If you want to be sanctified you must be filled with the Holy Spirit. Ironically the work is made much easier when the leverage of the Holy Spirit is applied. Good works (obedience to the commands in Scripture) in the life of the Christian become the rule, not the exception.

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