Ultimate Citizenship

The privileges of heavenly citizenship should not be taken for granted. It’s a powerful reality that provides a connection to those who have already emigrated to their eternal home. Until our flesh is redeemed though, we are not really strangers to this world. Even Christians battle the relative comfort of terrestrial life. It seems entirely natural to us, and in one respect it should be. Our true alienation is from God until he saves us. We were violently estranged from him until he graciously forced himself on us with adoption and citizenship in heaven. Paul uses the word citizenship in Philippians 3:20 because it effectively communicates the idea. It’s not entirely complete, but it works. It was particularly helpful for the Philippians (citizens of Rome). It even makes sense to modern Americans who appreciate the blessings of citizenship. That said, how much more impressed should we be with our ultimate citizenship? Do we consider that often enough. Do we visualize the passport to eternal life knowing it could never be earned, will never be revoked, and can never expire? Do we stop enough to deliberately express our gratitude to the King of Heaven for letting us in. We don’t deserve it.

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