The Religion of Politics

We should try and take politics out of religion (or the church at least), but not the opposite. The reason is that to take religion out of the equation is to argue that leaders can operate outside the worldview created by religious beliefs. Abraham Kuyper observed that any form of government that has become dominant was founded as religious or anti-religious. By extension every leaders is either religious or anti-religious. The process of electing representatives is part of a dominant form of government. It is perhaps one of the most dominant governments in world history. The degree of true biblical input into its founding has been debated, but no one can argue it was anti-religious. Therefore, Christians can honor their responsibility to vote while simultaneous acknowledging their faith in God. Today Americans are electing officers that will inevitably reveal their worldview in decisions that impact everyone. They exist in accordance with the will of God to maintain peace and uphold the law. The privilege and responsibility of speaking into the process should not be taken lightly or ignored. It’s not an entirely nonspiritual affair.

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