Better Ingredients, Better Country

Countries don’t have souls. They are nothing more than a composite of individuals that live there. If the country is filled with unregenerate souls, then it will be an ungodly country. However, if the souls get saved, the country changes. For example Nineveh went from ungodly (to say the least) to Godly overnight when they repented. The city itself remained the same (modern day Mosul, Iraq). But for a short time the changed souls brought massive reforms in every area of life. We don’t have a record, but we can be assured that everything from economics to the arts, and education to entertainment experienced a change. People are ingredients in a society. The chemistry and flavor change every day with additions and subtractions. The more Spirit filled people on a street, the better the street, or city, or country. If believers would embrace the intent of Jeremiah 29:7 and start seeking the welfare of their own city by living as light in the culture, praying for the culture, and evangelizing the culture, it would do much more to improve it than praying imprecatory Psalms against its leadership. Anger doesn’t make us better. It makes us bitter. It ruins the soup.

3 thoughts on “Better Ingredients, Better Country

  1. This is something I have thought about before and although it is not exactly the issue of this message, I see a connection. Looking at the world as a whole and limiting ones perception of reality to a human perspective, I see God’s will determined along geopolitical boundaries.

    In varying degrees, God imparts the gift of grace through faith in Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit to the world. Nevertheless, something as flawed as human politics can keep half the population of the world from ever hearing about God’s plan of salvation. That has always seemed a bit too much like “stacking the deck” when predestination is considered. Man can do nothing to save himself, but responding to God’s calling as well as repentance and obedience are works in a sense.

    I need to pray for God’s perspective on such matters.

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