Model Citizen

The reason we obey authority is because none of it exist apart from God. He is the one who establishes and maintains it. This is entirely different from saying no authority exists that does not reject God or his Word. It does not mean all authority is Godly. Even most of the kings of Israel were not Godly. Most of the Jews saw this and were looking for a Messiah-Revolutionary. Jesus disappointed the Jews because he failed to end Roman oppression and build his kingdom right away. They were wrong in assuming that this is what he came for. Instead, he turned out to be a model citizen. If you were hoping for an overthrow of the government, you were seriously let down. This in large measure led to his execution.

One thought on “Model Citizen

  1. The morning prayer of a sinner
    Lord were you as surprised as i was about the outcome? after all we supported someone more in line with Your Views, right? Where did we go wrong? Was it focusing on our only chance for a savior of this country to be political? Was it focusing on building a kingdom of this world? Did we ever ask for your perfect will and am i accepting it? or am i resenting a last minute storm that seemed to change things as if You didn’t foresee that? What if we had gotten our way? Would we more apt to spread the True Gospel or we be more accepting of a different gospel over time? Do i know better than You? I confess that i am a sinner with a selfish view. You are always Right in all things and there was no mistake made made other than mine. Thanks for our Pastor Jonathon that taught what i as a believer should have been focusing on for the last several months and had not. The future is in Your hands and i give thanks for that, Doug

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