The Christian life is not intended to be occasional flashes of victory between grand canyons of failure. The point of Spirit-filled, heavenly-citizen living is that even our life on earth looks different. We are presently affected by the future reality of where we are headed. The idea is pretty simple: the very power of God is at work in us and we should look like we are being helped. We should respond to temptation, addiction, disappointment, mean bosses, and parking tickets differently than our unsaved neighbor. There is a sense in which we are carried along by sovereign shock absorbers that smooth out the rough road of life. Something about us makes the rest of world ridicule, hate, admire, or ask about what we have that they don’t. On the whole Christians who really walk worthy of the Gospel are not ignored. They may not be appreciated, but they are not ignored. They represent something sought after by every living soul, namely peace, and a stable life.

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