Closer to Fine

I typically don’t quote self-described lesbian environmentalist songwriters in my sermons. However the words to the 1989 hit Closer to Fine by the Indigo Girls caught my attention. It was ringing out Saturday morning in my favorite Carlsbad coffee shop. Apparently I was the only person who knew the words. I was certainly the only person lip-synching. The song was a hit because the lyrics resonate with unbelievers. It poetically articulates their worldview. It is also a perfect foil for a biblical worldview. As Christians, the laments of a lost world make no sense to us anymore. Those songs aren’t as catchy. The best they can do is draw up a morbid nostalgia for the prison we knew before grace rescued us. The lyrics are a pitiful lament of fruitless searching. On the other hand, the Hymns, songs, and spiritual songs of the redeemed form a striking contrast. We sing songs that keep us on an even keel and help us progress in the strength provided by God. The best the world can do is numb the pain. We triumph over pain, are lifted out of it’s reach, and aim for glory.

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