Real-time Revelation

Imagine if your pastor preached an entire letter from Paul in the same sermon. Well that is what the early church experienced from time to time when the letters were originally written. A letter would be received and read start to finish for the congregation. No doubt everyone would listen carefully. It was revelation in real-time. The flow of the whole letter was easy to follow. The context was never lost. Weeks didn’t pass between sections like today in churches. This is important to remember in the case of the Philippians. Euodia and Syntyche heard Paul’s command for unity, love, and humility mere seconds before they were confronted. These two women were forced to place their petty differences directly alongside the command for the whole church to be like-minded. That must have been an awkward moment. What about us? With the whole counsel of God at our fingertips today, we live in constant conviction. The better we know the Word, the more often we are slammed up against it by our sin. This is a healthy biblical body check. It fosters real-time grow and feedback. Patterns of sin will abide or abate in proportion to how well we obey what we learn.

One thought on “Real-time Revelation

  1. Never really thought about that point. What an interesting message that must have been, an inspired letter to your very church read out loud (unless you got called out just like Euodia and Syntyche). Then the whole obedience and conviction factor, that is the moment-by-moment challenge we all face. Great reminder.

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