Transfer of Ownership

Whenever Paul uses the phrase “in the Lord”, he is talking about the Lordship of Christ in the life of a real believer. We were once our own (or thought we were), but now we are bought with a price and owned by God in a special way. In essence we sign over the deed to our life in exchange for everything that will be given to us in Heaven. The consequences include a joyful abdication of pursuing our rights, dues, and opportunity to defend ourselves. This has a direct impact on how we view harmony in the church. Immature people flee conflict by leaving the church. Mature Christians resolve conflict by embracing the Lordship of Christ over the attitudes that caused it. They embrace the truth that the health of the body is more important than their personal issues. With this approach, both parties mutually agree to have the Holy Spirit arbitrate. He produces the right attitude in us. If these are the terms before the dispute is ever worked on, then no relationship will remain fractured. Getting into this frame of mind is easier said than done, but it is possible, and the rewards are beyond calculation.

One thought on “Transfer of Ownership

  1. The Slave book by John Mac says “servants are hired; slaves are owned (by Christ). Slaves have no freedom, autonomy, or rights”. So much for 90% of the conflicts between members of the body when/if we each accept this definition.

    However, one of the areas that is problematic is when two believers are positive that their particular perspective is aligned with God’s will or is divinely directed while another’s perspective is “obviously” missing the mark. To me, it is very sad to see a brother or sister in Christ when they become a self-appointed martyr on a ‘straw man theological hill’ that doesn’t need conquering.

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