Unity versus Unison

There is a big difference between unity and unison. The dictionary defines unison as simultaneous performance of an action or utterance of speech. It means that everyone is in perfect agreement on what the next note should be, and when to sing it. We need to ask if this what the writers of New Testament have in mind when they talk about unity. I seriously doubt it. Christians in fact perform different actions, utter different speech, enjoy different liberties, where different clothes, have different hair, like different music, belong to different denominations, and so on. By divine design they fuse together to bring dynamic vibrancy to the Body of Christ. We are a unified organism of individual and complementary parts. The infinite creativity of God is put on display in the various species of Christians you run into every day if your circles go wide enough. The simple fact that God has plucked from destruction the elect of every nation, tribe, people and language (Revelation 7:9) demands a speckled congregation. There is glory in assortment. Therefore, we don’t resist conformity to the world in favor of conformity to the opinion of others. Instead unity embraces the complex results of a global gospel.

8 thoughts on “Unity versus Unison

  1. this is one of the most important things that needs to be stressed. Thanks for doing it. The Church is not the place taking stands on non-sinful behavior. If i think that i am best suited to tell everyone else what to think, how to behave, how to spend money, etc and it is not glaring sin i am wrong. This behavior unfortunately is common and for you to speak against it will cause you to be heaped with abuse from the “most spiritual” that know more than the rest of us common sinners, Doug

  2. Using God’s word as the foundation, we can sift out non-scriptural and unreasonable UNISON expectations apart from UNITY issues that may also need to deal with non-compromising items. Obedient Christ-centered lives have a distinct advantage of being bonded and encouraged toward UNITY with interactions that supernaturally exhibit the fruits of the Spirit. Therefore, with a clear conscience we have the freedom to respectfully “agree to disagree” on matters that fall outside the clear council of our great God. That said, I have much to learn on Church unity matters and appreciate this blog series.

  3. I thank God for such diversity in the Church, “the elect of every nation, tribe, people and language”, each enjoying different Christian liberties perhaps but united by the power of the Holy Spirit in the Lordship of Christ – Dynamic, diverse, complex, yet together the Church.

    The word unison as defined “the simultaneous performance of an action” carries for me a decidedly non-biblical connotation. That meaning congers images of the circumambulation of Muslim’s walking in unison around the Kaaba in Mecca. Unison can mean blind adherence to ceremony and vein repetition.

    The term unison can also mean, “Everyone is in perfect agreement on what the next note should be, and when to sing it”; this is a pleasant-sounding concept. With the Word as our fundamental, I feel the diversity of God’s elect each contributing their unique complimentary parts can be united in the unison of Christian harmony.

    This is certainly a thorny issue and as Gary mentioned there are non-compromising issues. As one of the “least spiritual” common sinners in the church I should know.

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