Name Dropping

Imagine if your name appeared in the Bible for something important (or unimportant for that matter). How do you resist the urge to name drop yourself. If you were a pastor you’d likely preach that book frequently. Your kids and grandkids would be known as your descendants until they had accomplished something on their own to eclipse your accomplishment (good luck). Now imagine how you’d feel if some well meaning monk in the middle ages saw your proper name in Greek and translated the meaning of it instead of leaving it as a name. Apparently this is what happened to Syzygus. Who is Syzygus? Exactly. The proper name has been dropped. Instead the translation of the name appears as “companion” or “yokefellow” in Philippians 4:3. This puzzling omission is such a humbling lesson. It just reminds me how unimportant we really are (Galatians 6:3). Ministry, church, Scripture, culture, history, and virtually everything else going on right now is not about us. The Bible is about God and his name, and the only book that matters for us when it comes to being mentioned is the Book of Life.

2 thoughts on “Name Dropping

  1. I suspect Syzygus would not care what happened to his legacy, but we should all be more like him. Yoke-fellows united – joined to the common goal of living in humble obedience to our Lord and King.

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