Doctrine, Liberty, and Attitude

Paul does not take a side in the dispute between Euodia and Syntyche (Philippians 4:2-3). This action, or lack of action speaks volumes to me. He doesn’t seem to care that individuals are offended. Instead the health of the whole church is what really matters. Unity is more important than being right. Besides, the feud was not over doctrine. We know this because Paul takes sides on doctrine. Secondly, the feud was not over Christian liberty. Had these women been arguing over serving meat sacrificed to idols at the next church pot luck, Paul would have taken a side (1 Corinthians 8). He would have told the meat eaters that they can enjoy it at home, but don’t throw it in the face of weaker brothers who abstain. It appears these women really had attitude problems. Left unchecked this can become a church wide issue. Unfortunately Christians are experts at sharing their concerns with everyone except the person in question. Apparently everyone knew about the tension, even Paul in Rome. Church members were taking sides, revealing how most churches split because of attitude problems, not doctrinal ones. The argument was literally over nothing, but had the power to take down everything.

2 thoughts on “Doctrine, Liberty, and Attitude

  1. Filter attitude in the church as a Marine does. The question a Marne must ask himself “is this the hill i want to die on” The answer decides behavior and just how important the issue is

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