Gender Blindness

The Wall Street Journal ran a story about a company in Sweden that just released its Christmas catalogue. Nothing too strange except that the children are displaying some gender confusion in their choice of toys. You can read the story here. I guess this is considered social progress in Scandinavian countries. Are we out of line to be critical? I don’t think so. In fact it’s symptomatic of a bigger issue that is even affecting the church. Recently gender roles were discussed in a video filmed by the Gospel Coalition. The link is here. Listen especially to the analysis of John Piper (minute 5 – 08:20). Two points stand out. The first is that we must distinguish between biblical masculinity/femininity and “Godly humanness”. The second is his analysis of the distinction between complementarian and egalitarian world views. He says we need to be prepared to give an answer to the 8-year-old boy who asks “what does it mean to be a man, and not a woman“. That is the crux of the problem today, even in the church. We must do more than teach generic human maleness and femaleness. “Gender Blindness” is biblical blindness.

2 thoughts on “Gender Blindness

  1. a few principals learned over a life time. Manhood is caught not taught. Everyone is a coward about something that is why we men have to stand together, everyone takes turns being brave. Haven’t been a coward yet? give it time. Believe Ephesians 6, stand firm, not attack for there is nothing to prove. The most important, Marry a woman that allows and encourages you to be a man, by God’s Grace i did

  2. The gender confusion on display in the Swedish Christmas catalog is not merely the product of some misguided feminist ideology but a symptom of an underlying diabolical conspiracy, the latest in Satan’s futile efforts to dilute the Word of God and nullify the Church. Those who hold to the egalitarian world-view must subvert God’s clear teaching regarding the roles of men and women.

    In answering a child’s questions regarding gender all one need do is quote God’s Own Word on the issue, but rejection of Biblical authority has allowed modern man’s mortal enemy to make great inroads of late. The practice of homosexuality has been elevated to an accepted alternate lifestyle and now I hear talk of encouraging “homosexual children” to freely express their sexual identities. This sounds worse than Sodom and Gomorrah!

    I pray that a spiritual revival soon sweep clear the immorality of this culture as men, women and children accept the good news of the Gospel and return to the values that God has established for us as clearly understood in the complementarian world-view.

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