No Secret Salt

The Bible calls on Christians to be visible. They cross the stage of redemptive history, cast in the vital role of being salt and light. Individually they are not much better than the kid who played a tree in the school play. Just salt. Just light. Usually there is no lead role, and no name on the marquee. But here is how the role is different than the tree guy. Believers aren’t stationary objects, and are not passive. Blending in unnoticed is not our calling. We don’t secretly salt and light. Instead it’s bold engagement with the world. Not rude pontification, but consistent, courageous, publically visible engagement. This is the instruction of Philippians 4:5, to be reasonable or gentle. The part is played in the open, vulnerable to the pressure of the world that squeezes out the virtue in view here. Without persecution there is no display of forbearance. Without injustice there is no display of confidence in a heavenly judge. If we cannot be seen, we cannot be stepped on occasionally. However if we live in the shadow of that possibility, we also live with the opportunity to display virtues that manifest the power of the Holy Spirit.

One thought on “No Secret Salt

  1. Jon,

    I love when you post the essence of each Sunday’s message, and then expound on that theme each day. That keeps me focused on Sunday’s message all week long!

    Living open lives for Christ, our “gentleness should be evident for all to see”. A shining light in the absolute and utter darkness of this realm is unavoidable and can serve as a beacon or a target. When I see that the honor of God under attacked or if assaulted personally in defense of the Gospel, my natural tendency is to desire “my concept” of morality or ethics is preserved. On Sunday, I sensed that the Lord took a burden from me when I accepted that there is no righteousness in self. The persecution of this crooked and depraved generation can indeed bring forth restraint, now. I am not the last word in righteousness, “The Lord is near”. This is a liberating reality – we have rest in the Lord our Defender, Redeemer, and Judge!

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