Reactive Righteousness

We cannot truly know what it means to be satisfied with less then we are due until we are offered less than we are due. We cannot really show sweet reasonableness unless provoked to bitter unreasonableness, and we certainly cannot know the feeling of successful forbearance without the pressure to cave in under some temptation to sin. The command in Philippians 4:5 to let our reasonableness (ESV), gentleness (NASB), moderation (KJV) be known and observed is only obeyed as a reaction to an unfavorable trial. It can only be observed in the context and crucible of circumstances that squeeze us. This is the nature of sanctification at its most instinctive. We don’t think about our actions because they don’t ultimately come from us. We abide in Christ and are filled with the Spirit to the point that he takes over. This is a quality that materializes from the power of the Holy Spirit. We could call it reactive righteousness.

3 thoughts on “Reactive Righteousness

  1. * In this world, the spontaneous expression of Christ’s presence gives emphasis to a clear contrast of behaviors, as evident as light is to darkness those in the shadows cannot help but see.
    * Temptation is common to everyone, but resistance to the pressures of sin reveals the new nature. Satisfaction through provocation is a reflection of the Lord Jesus Christ within us!
    * My prayer and aspiration is to exhibit the forbearance of Christ when I am tempted to execute my own irrational concept of justice, but I often fall short of this goal.

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