We Are Never Gentle With God

To truly know God is to never be angry with God. We don’t need the power of the Holy Spirit to respond to God in a Godly way because he never does anything to us that leaves us with the upper hand. He never wrongs us. In Philippians 4:5 Paul is instructing us to respond to something, or someone, in a Godly way. It is most evident in a context where we wouldn’t normally need to. That context only exists between Christians and other sinful human beings (Christian or otherwise). Spiritual gentleness, moderation, reasonableness, etc. is not really an internal heart issue. It’s not just an attitude between us and God like love, faith, peace, or joy. Since I am never short changed by God, this verse can’t apply to our relationship. We are never gentle with God. This is intra-human by design. This demands interaction with sinful humans if it’s going to surface. The pressure of being wronged will squeeze it out of us. To make matters more interesting, it implies that I will do things to others that will cause them to be gentle to me despite what I deserve. The command is humbling on every side.

One thought on “We Are Never Gentle With God

  1. It’s a blessing and mercy indeed that God doesn’t initially weight what we do/think and then respond at levels that match what we deserve. Where we need the Holy Spirit assistance is to be more Godly in how we think and respond to others despite their behavior.

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