The Ultimate Bailout

So much has been written since 2008 about bankruptcy, quantitative easing, and now the fiscal cliff. A common refrain is “bailout”. They say banks were too big to fail because the whole economy would suffer a systemic meltdown. Therefore it is argued that the managers of the banks knew this and acted accordingly. They assumed a virtually unlimited source of funding existed to make them whole, and took on virtually unlimited risk. You could ask: How different would the banks have acted if there were no promise to make them whole? The better question is: How different should believers act because they know God will make them whole? Do our actions indicate our faith in a rescue package from God? Life is a breath, and though painful at times, both it and the momentary trials pass swiftly (2 Corinthians 4:17). The ultimate bailout for every persecuted, slandered, short-changed, and misunderstood Christian comes with the Lord at his return. All wrongs are made right when the believer stands in the presence of the Lord fully vindicated. Anything lost is returned. Anything destroyed is replaced a hundred fold and eternally superior. This should be a stimulus to sanctified risk taking.

2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Bailout

  1. Read Ezekiel 7-9 this morning, blending those truths with this blog is a powerfully humbling stimulus …. it truly is impossible to fully comprehend the greatness, vastness and (undeserved) mercy that is associated with salvation.

  2. A bail out assumes some one else will pay the bail. In our case HE did, hardly a bail with a high price for HIM

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