The Void

For many people, worry fills a void that comes from not being in control. There is an innate awareness that we are not sovereign and that someone else is ultimately calling the shots. Even an atheist has to yield his life to fate, or karma, or luck. The obedient Christian will take Paul’s command in Philippians 4:6 at face value and drop the habit of worry. The basis for such a change is that we replace it with faith in God. But it’s not that easy. We were created by God to think, and the more we think about what is going on around us, the more we are tempted to worry. But that is no longer an option if we are to remain obedient. Removing worry creates a vacuum. This has the potential to drive us to a thousand feeble substitutes to fill the void, unintentionally modeling the unbelievers strategy (Matthew 6:31-32). The only real solution is prayer. Through that act alone the human mind is insulated from fear to the degree we replace worry with trust in the form of active prayer. With practice and divine assistance, the new habit of prayer can be an instinctive reaction to calamity.

3 thoughts on “The Void

  1. Reblogged this on thelordswordsword and commented:
    The past few days… actually the past week, my WordPress feed has been full of blogposts from friends and my pastor on the subject of anxiety and pressure. One of my close friends sent me an email which we jokingly labeled a little novelette on the topic. Then Sunday, my pastor gave the evening sermon on the verses in Philippians 4 that speak of not being anxious. All of these have helped me tremendously, and I’m very thankful to God and to my friends for helping me so much in this area. I have been struggling with anxiety over many things recently. I thought I’d dedicate a few posts to anti-anxiety, starting with re-blogging this post from my pastor yesterday. Any extra thoughts on what he said?

  2. As heart wrenching as this most recent atrocity will forever be, entering God’s throne of grace through prayer will provide solace. Faith dispels worry as prayer comforts and guards our minds in ultimate peace.

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