God does not reward inaction

Paul uses the conjunction “but” to make a sharp turn in Philippians 4:6. He couldn’t be more clear that anxiety was not an acceptable response for anything – not one thing. So what do we do? The answer is pray. This is the great contrast. Christians disposed to action rejoice that trusting God is not spiritual paralysis. It is not “let go and let God” because the cure for anxiety is never inaction. In fact the Bible teaches the opposite. We are, in everything, to actively engage our minds and our wills. We face off against what scares us by bringing it to the Lord. The most vivid example is Jesus in the garden of gethsemane. This was the most stressful moment of his life, but he is not anxious. Instead he prays. When he got up to prepare his disciples for the advancing mob, he was the picture of calm. He was at peace. His thinking and actions were protected and guided by God and thus remained in perfect step with the will of the Father. This is proof that God does not reward inaction, but will give grace to help in time of need when we pray (Hebrews 4:16).

Update: I just read this blog post from John Piper and it provides a helpful addition to what I wrote above.

2 thoughts on “God does not reward inaction

  1. Definition of stress vs anxiety? Is all stress bad? The popular cultural belief is to avoid stress. Is that true? how many times have you heard “I am stressed out”? Can stress cause good reactions? Example: the stress caused by sin causes us to repent. Physically stress causes us to keep breathing. Don’t believe that ? Hold your breathe. Are you under stress yet? Maybe stress is a gift and our reaction to it is anxiety. We ask God to remove it and He does not. He did not remove the stress of the disciples matter of fact He caused it. So here we have the perfect walk with Christ, lots of stress but no anxiety as we commit every thing to prayer and except His divine will. Oh if only i had that mastered at my age but i don’t. Doug

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