Prayer is Work

We all know the Bible does not condone laziness, offering little comfort to those suffering the consequences of inaction. The word sluggard only appears in the book of Proverbs, and in all 15 references, depicts the dire consequences of inaction. This person is fond of sleep (6:9, 26:14), not fond of hard work (20:4, 21:25), and refuses to plan for his own future and that of his family (21:5). Thankfully peace and faith in God is not the same as sloth. In fact, we work hard at prayer even if it means less than ideal amounts of sleep, a commitment to the work, and the knowledge that good plans can never be laid without seeking the Lord. This last one is important. We are called to plan, but not as a substitute for prayer. We plan in concert with prayer. This was Joshua’s historic error (Joshua 9:14). Paul says don’t be anxious (Philippians 4:6-7) then replaced it with a complementary call to prayer. In reality the burden of anxiety is always there, stemming from a care for people (Philippians 2:20). It is always present. The difference is the anxiety is not visibly affecting you or discouraging others. Faith in God drowns out the relentless drone of life’s troubles.

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