Intimate and Ultimate Salvation

A beautiful doxology is wedged discreetly into the narrative of the birth of Christ. Doxologies are usually made up of two parts, an ascription of praise to God for what he has done, and an affirmation about God for who he is. The angelic doxology follows the pattern of the ones that separate the major sections of Psalms (41:13; 72:19; 89:52; 106:48), captured by Luke in 2:14 “Glory to God in the highest,
and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased!” The glory of God rests with him in the highest heaven. A glimpse of it burst through the dark night sky and terrified the shepherds. In it, unfathomable glory is mingled with the promise of peace. Inhabitants of the orbiting object of wrath have been given a window of opportunity to repent. True atonement is limited to those with whom God is pleased. However the global influence and benefit of gospel peace is irrefutable. The incarnation was completely necessary as the foundation for redemptive history. Humanity linked Messiah to man, and deity linked Messiah to God. The humanity of Jesus Christ relates him to us intimately. The deity of Jesus Christ reconciles us to him ultimately.

One thought on “Intimate and Ultimate Salvation

  1. Thank you Pastor for the post …. good stuff.

    “Peace of conscience or a sweet calm from a sense of the pardon of sin and acceptance with God as righteous.
    Two things —
    * A sense of sufficiency.
    * An apprehension (understanding or grasp) of the faithfulness of the promise.
    These things give a sweet rest.”

    “That rest of soul that arises from the sense or feeling of a real conformity to and union with [Christ]. Peace of confidence consists in a sense of a relative union. That is the rest that arises from hope: this from love.”

    Jonathan Edwards

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