Tough Instructions

With Christmas just behind us I am reminded of my paternal responsibility as official merchandise assembler. I’m no engineer, so inevitably I yield to the instructions in the package. Which is not to say I begin by reading the instructions in the package. As believers we understand the Word of God contains some clear instructions. It reveals step-by-step procedures organized by the impeccable mind of a holy God. They are perfect and complete. They contain his sovereign will wrapped in loving and gracious guidance. His expectations never call us to something impossible, pressure us beyond what we can bear, or put in a place where we must compromise. His goal is never to frustrate, humiliate, provoke, or deprive us. We rejoice in the fact that God himself will even give us the desire to obey, and then assist us to succeed. Think about that. God gives us only beneficial instruction, generates the desire to obey, expedites the eventual success, and then rewards us for our faithfulness. The Word of God may contain some tough instructions, but they come with equally serious help.

2 thoughts on “Tough Instructions

  1. The fine citizens of the foreign countries where these products are manufactured have none of the attributes listed and probably laugh themselves to sleep at night knowing that they have extracted a little blood, sweat and tears because we are one screw short and their is no hope to get a replacement

  2. Pastor Jon,
    Just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for these daily pauses with you that are thought provoking, and useful in redirecting my mind and heart.

    It’s a marvelous thing how God can use a toy to spark a thought and teach a lesson.

    God has surely gifted you with insights and words of encouragement that enrich our lives so our perspective is more grounded in the spiritual realm rather than our earthly circumstances.

    Thanks be to God for you and your family.

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