You Don’t Need To Shout

This may seem obvious, but when we pray we are talking to a God that actually hears us. The first indication that mankind felt a need to pray is in Genesis 4:26. It’s an easy verse to skip over, but it deserves attention. Things on earth had gotten pretty rotten, and as we see in the narrative with Noah, mankind had not benefitted from Satan’s program. They eventually made an effort to turn back to God and ask for help. In those days, and today, to pray is to pray to a God who is near. You don’t need to shout (1 Kings 18:27). You can whisper or even think and he hears you. God is very near. When Paul alludes to this in Philippians 4:6 it’s like he is saying “be open about your requests. God is right here”. He is on the scene and has all power to do exactly what we ask in keeping with his will. He is not far away, will not be interrupted by the request, and his reflex is to answer. Thinking God is far away has two negative consequences. We sin more freely, and we pray less earnestly.

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