Practical Ways to Grow in 2013

Here are six practical ways to improve your walk in 2013.

  1. Small Group Discipleship. Form a gender specific group of 4-6 that will practice the “one another” passages. It’s best to have a leader who is at least a few steps ahead of you, and in the next station of life. Single men don’t learn much from single men. If your group is single, find a married man to lead it. If you’re all newly married men, find a married man with some kids to lead it. You get the picture.
  2. Home Fellowship Groups. Twice a month we meet in homes for fellowship on a more intimate level. This is an opportunity to show hospitality and love for the body of Christ at CBC. It is also a great opportunity to use your gifts for the building up of the saints. The atmosphere and size provides a perfect arena for discovering how the Lord had gifted you.
  3. Sunday Fellowship. There is much more to Sunday morning than just the one hour worship service at 10:30. Sunday school at 9am is a great way to get to learn more from a systematic survey of the Old Testament, or studies in doctrine. Sunday evening at 6pm we assemble again for worship in singing and hearing from God’s Word (currently Ecclesiastes). At every meeting we can take advantage of the time before and after to make relationships and strategically reach out to people in the flock. Plan ahead by praying through the directory and finding one person that you intentionally greet and promise to pray for.
  4. One-on-One Discipleship. At our meetings you can get to know men and women who regularly disciple other believers. Find out when they get together with people and make the effort connect. Learn from them and make it your chief aim to get wisdom from them. Seek them out diligently. You may need to drive out to where they live, get up earlier or stay up later than usual, but in the end you’ll be glad you did.
  5. Biblical Counsel. Maybe you have a besetting sin or a chronic issue that has been weighing you down for years. Make this the year you open yourself to the spiritual surgery that can only be performed by someone who can apply the Word of God to your particular problem. This is painful sometimes, but with the help of Holy Spirit you will know his unique healing.
  6. Mentorship. Look around. Find a man or woman who exemplifies the kind of fruitfulness you desire in your own life. Then follow them around. Perhaps you shouldn’t literally follow them, but certainly watch them and make it your aim in life to cultivate similar virtues. Get up the courage to introduce yourself and tell them what they mean to you. Likely they can give you some precious insights into developing Godly character. We all need mentors and examples.

3 thoughts on “Practical Ways to Grow in 2013

  1. I sense the Holly Spirit is leading me to a crucible of purification in 2013. To be further refined and defined by my Redeemer I must surrender the remaining dross in my life, and I know that by following the steps you have outlined here a closer walk with the Lord will result.

    These practical ways to grow is the perfect advice for every Christian, at every stage of development!

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