Don’t Give To Your Church

Don’t give to your church. Let me explain. A biblical understanding of giving is not anchored so much to money. Some people have vast sums of wealth and give little; others have little but give proportionately more than the rich. When we are faithful to keep ourselves moving from occasional giving, to tithing, to generosity, to sacrifice, we don’t do it for the church. The local assembly may be the visible beneficiary, but we don’t do it as a show of support for the elders, budget, vision, missionaries, etc. If our giving is linked to those things, then we will give in proportion to our confidence in men. If however our giving is an act of worship to God, and a sign of obedience, and a way to store up treasure in heaven, and an act of faith believing he will bless, then we can be consistent, generous, and joyful in our support. If you believe you are worshipping God with your check then you will give generously. Don’t give to the church; give to God.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Give To Your Church

  1. this needs much elaboration. We are fortunate with our leadership, many are not. Obviously leadership matters or there would be no Biblical outline for for leaders. As an old timer i have witnessed many boondoggles with the heading of “The Lord’s Work”

    • Agreed. I’ve heard stories of churches taking pride in their inefficiency. The biggest problem is that if we stop giving because of poor leadership, we rob ourselves of the reward. If incompetent leadership makes us stop giving, it may be sign to find a better church.

  2. As if the class were grading the teacher, giving at church should not be in proportion to our appreciation of the message any given Sunday. The skillful and accurate delivery of biblical doctrine cannot be understated and by God’s Grace, we have that in abundance at CBCNC but no church on Earth is without imperfection and no pastor has total command of every subtle nuance of God’s revelation to man.

    If only every church were to follow the example given in Acts 11:17 regarding the believers in Berea; they sought confirmation of Paul’s teaching by “examining the Scriptures daily to see whether these things were so”. It seems a bit disrespectful now to question the Apostle Paul’s ministry but each of us has the ultimate responsibility in matters of faith.

    The Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ is at work through human imperfection and our offerings are to be laid as acts of worship at the foot of His alter.

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