Blessing Is Not Prosperity

Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive”. Where? This quote is nowhere in the gospels, but came to Paul as a special revelation that he shared with the Ephesian elders before moving on. Being blessed means living in close communion with the living God. The word really could be translated “happy”. So if we want to be happy – truly and totally happy – we need to give. True happiness is not linked to what we have. It is being at peace with yourself and your creator. Giving is one of many blessings a follower of Jesus can enjoy. This blessing can be added to the other beatitudes in Matthew 5:3-10. What becomes evident however is that these beatitudes are all estranged from material prosperity. Consider being broken, mourning, meek, desperately seeking personal holiness, showing mercy to the irresponsible, ignoring the world’s priorities, promoting peace instead of winning, and suffering the persecution that comes from all of this. Don’t assume that by “it is more blessed to give” Jesus is saying, “it is better for us financially and will increase our standing in the community”. It likely won’t. The test is whether we can trust God anyway.

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