Counterfeit Closeness

Man was intimate with God in the Garden of Eden, and therefore truly blessed. The next time will be in the Millennial Kingdom, again resulting in real blessing. The valley in between is crossed on hands and knees, clawing back that blessed closeness with the creator. Counterfeit closeness is ubiquitous for modern evangelicals. It usually comes through knowledge disengaged from the Spirit, mistaking blessedness as a function of how much we know. If we try to grow close to God by studying fact about God then we substitute intimacy with cold expertise, unwittingly calcifying our heart toward the deeper, simpler things. Jesus does not say, “It is more blessed to learn than to receive”. In Philippians Paul links closeness with giving. We can’t buy closeness with God anymore than we can buy closeness with our spouse. What it will do is evacuate the substitutes. Was the rich young ruler really “blessed”? Paul denies coveting (Acts 20:33), and had nothing interrupting his relationship with God. The world’s stuff held no gravitational pull for him. Salvation can be found in no earthly substitute, and if we treasure our true reward (Christ through the gospel), we will gladly abandon imitation blessings.

2 thoughts on “Counterfeit Closeness

  1. The knowledge of God’s Word does not necessarily equate to resting ones total dependence and faith on Jesus Christ as Savior. In fact, in some circles “familiarity breeds contempt”, I suspect Lucifer, before his great fall could have brought some insight into the meaning of that idiom.

    Satan’s intimate knowledge of God has always alarmed me. The enemy is privy to more knowledge than any man is, and he no doubt trusts that God will fulfill His revelation to man but from the beginning, the ultimate false idol of this world sought to glorify himself rather than God. In a similar sense our unredeemed neighbors live frivolous lives filled with creature comforts, status symbols and pride are oblivious to their impending doom. Even their philanthropic pursuits are perverted by conflicted motives of tax right-offs and personal gain, this is very different from true generosity.

    Counterfeit closeness and imitation blessings abound in the sin stained valley as fallen man seeks the real article that he regrettably forfeited back in the garden. God is in control and only He can instill for those written in the book of life the Grace that saves by Faith in our Lord and Redeemer Jesus Christ.

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