Second Blessing

The Philippians were clearly told to expect a return on their ministry investment (Phil 4:19). By apostolic-prophetic promise, a guarantee is made that the Lord will provide them with divine compensation for their sacrificial gift. This reward may not be financial, but it will be a blessing that results in true happiness, one that blooms with indifference to material prosperity. It also implies and act of faith that you could give generously out of your own poverty and still be blessed. God injects an alien happiness into our lives rather than forcing us to suck it out of our circumstances.

So the Philippians will receive credit, and be provided for because they gave. This is different than buying a status blessing. It’s not like becoming a high level patron at the local art gallery. Blessings from God cannot be bought. Instead they are a fractional reinstatement of the blessed relationship we lost in the Garden, and anticipate in the Millennial Kingdom. The first blessing is salvation, reconciliation, forgiveness, and adoption. The second blessing (let’s reclaim that term) is the joy-fruit of obedience. The ultimate blessing is heaven. Obedient generosity means life only get’s better.

3 thoughts on “Second Blessing

  1. One of the wondrous ongoing gifts Our Lord provides us is the capability to evaluate life’s crossroads and circumstances by utilizing His Spirit and Word, making it most logical to “walk by faith, not by sight” (Proverbs 3:5-6).

  2. there is only one right reason to give and many wrong reasons, i have been guilty more often than not of incorporating the wrong reasons so as always we cling to God’s Grace to make us right

  3. The term “Joy Fruit” is certainly worth coining, as is “Second Blessing”. The life’s blood of every true Christian, they are the blessings that can only originate from God through the “Fruit of the Holly Spirit”, making repentance, obedience and salvation possible. Incomparable with the financial / material rewards of this world, God’s gifts are eternally more beneficial. They are the source of true joy, purpose, prosperity, and happiness.

    “Divine Compensation” is also a term worth reclaiming and I understand it to be a spiritual accounting and recompense by God for worthy acts, sacrificial giving, and faithful service to the Lord, in a land not our own. This is our true reward that is stored for us by God in heaven.

    As is true to one degree or another of everyone “written in the book of life”, I have reason to believe that many of the members of the church at Philippi were rich in spiritual blessings. On earth, they experienced a mere precursor of the “Second Blessing”, the blessed relationship that awaits God’s faithful, through His Son Jesus Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit; how truly regrettable that this precious gift was relinquished in the garden.

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