Rescue Blessing

I need to report a theft. The word blessed has been stolen and replaced with a knockoff that means comfortable. Hence we cry blessing when we have surplus money. Says who? I guess Herod the Great was blessed and John the Baptist wasn’t. We have to be really careful  the wealth/blessing connection because “We are rich. The Lord has blessed us!” can easily morph into “You don’t have much money, so I guess God hasn’t blessed you…poor soul”. Nonsense. The truth is that blessings (literally happiness’s) from God are not contingent upon material prosperity. So how did this happen? The answer in part is that greed becomes easier to justify. The rich can idolize money, pitch out the blessing line, and sanctify hoarding. After all, God made them rich. Good thing none of us are rich. We would be different. Then again, it’s not what I have, but how I feel about it. The word will be rescued when we stop instinctively correlating blessing and wealth. It betrays an underlying assumption that God loves us only when he makes us comfortable. This in turn fuels the risk of sinning against him by accusing him of wrong when we face scarcity.

2 thoughts on “Rescue Blessing

  1. Many wealthy people live miserable, unfulfilled lives. Assurance of salvation is not found in the material prosperity and although not mutually exclusive terms, to me it seems that many of those who are very comfortable here and now have no reason to rely on Christ, and are even less inclined to repent and obey His word.

    The rich have an obstacle to true blessing but there are many who use their wealth in the service of the Lord.

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